Dear colleagues and friends!

Thank you for participating in the International Congress of CID - UNESCO, which was held in St. Petersburg from 25 to 29 April 2018!








     Art historians, ballet experts, culture experts, anthropologists, philosophers presented their researches in the field of psychology and pedagogy, history and philosophy of ballet and musical art.

     Specialists and practitioners in the field of music and choreography, dance and music therapy demonstrated their skill level, shared the techniques, summarizing the advanced pedagogical experience. 

     Authentic ethnic forms of dance, rituals requiring protection and preservation were presented at the congress. 

     Your active discussion of the main theme of the congress "Preservation of the intangible cultural heritage of mankind" made it possible, in summing up the results, to adopt a resolution in which the main provisions and decisions of the Congress are stated.

     In the framework of the official ceremonies of the Congress, the presentation of CID memorable exclusive medals for "Preservation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity" was held. 

     It is symbolic that the apotheosis of the congress was the celebration of World Dance Day on April 29 on the ship "Grace". According to the story of the Ark, Noah kept all forms of life on Earth. The ark of dance and music is designed to save all forms of art on Earth, so that the world embodies not only material but also spiritual culture. 

      Dear friends, we did it together - we held a congress, thereby making our contribution to the cause of strengthening peace. I am sure that the international dialogue in the field of art and culture is a way of mutual understanding, humanity and harmony.

I thank every participant of the Congress!

Up to the new meeting!

From Saint-Petersburg with love!

Aelita Kondratova